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After Divorce Effective Parenting Together (ADEPT)

ADEPT is a Co-Parenting skills training program that helps parents put an end to conflicts, poor communication, and ongoing litigation associated with the break-up of the nuclear family.

By reducing the level of conflict in the newly formed Bi-Nuclear family, the children are at lower risk to experience the detrimental effects associated with the division of the nuclear family.

ADEPT has been an educational and communication skills training program offered through the Oakland County 6th Circuit Court / Family Division since 2000.

The 8-week in depth series is designed for Co-Parents who are struggling wth communication issues but are both commited and capable of Co-Parenting together.

The goal of ADEPT is to train parents to communicate more effectively for the sake of their children. During the eight weeks of the ADEPT program, co-parents are educated about the risks of on-going conflict on the psychological and educational adjustment of children. At the same time, co-parents are encouraged to take responsibility for the communication problems that exist with their co-parent and to learn more successful methods of communicating and resolving conflicts. Co-parents gradually interact with each other to pinpoint their most important conflicts and begin to use both communication techniques and effective conflict resolution skills to begin to resolve their arguments and conflicts.


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For registration please call

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8-Week Program

2 hour session each week

For Only $295 per Co-Parent

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Shared Parenting Center
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