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The strength of our organization is directly dependent on our ability to maintain an organized and well-funded network which can effectively work to educate co-parents as they learn to improve their capacity for bi-nuclear parenting.

Never before have we had a better chance of having both parents establish and maintain equal parenting responsibilities and accountabilities after a divorce or separation. Help ensure that all Michigan children are able to maintain a meaningful relationship with both their fit parents.

When you become a DMM Silver member you will be helping protect the rights of children to the love and guidance of both their fit parents.

In addition, you will receive a copy of "Take Control Of Your Divorce" and will have access to our Bi-Nuclear Parenting Library. As a committed member of our organization you will also benefit from being associated with our team of child advocates.

Silver Members receive all of the Bronze membership benefits which include our Newsletter and access to the Educational and Family Law Symposium Segments of our Family Law Assistance Groups.

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