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Dads and Moms of Michigan (DMM) conducts a Free Co-Parenting Webinar at our Shared Parenting Center on either the first or the second Monday of each month at 6:00 PM.

We are aware that not everyone can be in the area of the Shared Parenting Center at 6:00 PM on a Monday so now Co-Parents can also attend online via webinar.

The DMM Co-Parenting Webinar curriculum is designed to be an extension of SMILE.

SMILE, Start Making It Better For Everyone, is an educational program for separating/divorcing parents with children that is offered by most Michigan Family Courts.

SMILE was created by DMM Advisory Committee Member, retired 6th Circuit Court Judge, Edward J. Sosnick.

Our webinars are designed to provide domestic relations education to Co-Parents.

The more Co-Parents understand how to correctly handle Bi-Nuclear Parenting situations (both at home and in court) the lower the conflict will be on their children.

2015 Event Calendar

Family Law Attorney Henry Gornbein discusses his new book

"Divorce Demystified"

Next to losing someone you love, divorce is one of the most traumatic of life's experiences. At the same time, it's the path out of a bad marriage, and ideally for all parties, to a happier, more fulfilling life.

But it's not without complications lots of them. A leading expert in family law, attorney Henry Gornbein deconstructs the divorce process and serves it up in small, manageable steps. Besides exploring legal, economic, and psychological issues, Gornbein focuses on the random, routine, and often overlooked details including the role of social media that can propel divorce proceedings into a roller-coaster ride gone off the tracks.

January 12th 2015

Shared Parenting Center
6443 Inkster Road #290
Bloomfield Township, Mi. 48301

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